Weird and Exotic Spirits from Around the World

We’ve all seen that unlucky critter preserved in a bottle of liquor and wondered how can people actually drink that stuff. Well, it looks like there are many more weird and perculiar spirits from around the world. Here are our the ones we found the weirdest!

The end product.

1. Smoked Salmon Vodka – Coming all the way from Alaska, this is exactly what it is – premium vodka distilled using glacier ice from Prince William Sound in the gulf of Alaska infused with some delicious smoked salmon. Match made in heaven? We’re not too sure about this one…



2. Scorpion Vodka – Pure grain vodka with essence of scorpion. Yep, every bottle of Scorpion Vodka comes with a farm-raised scorpion. The scorpion is edible but we’d totally understand if you’d rather not. The scorpion is detoxified and left to soak in the vodka for three months before the bottle is sold. Apparently, the poor critter imbues a soft and woody flavour. Why don’t you try and tell us?


3. Milk Vodka – This is one weird spirit we wouldn’t mind trying. The Vermont White is distilled from whey, the natural sugar source found in cow’s milk. Select nutrients and yeasts are introduced during distillation to create lactose fermentation. The result, as claimed by the distillery, is a distinctive quality and smoothness from start to finish. Fancy that!



4. Ant Gin – Anty Gin is the world’s first gin made from insects. Yes, you read that right! Going at GBP 200 per bottle, Anty Gin is produced in a lab-style distillery which harnesses the acid found in ants to produce aromatic flavours when mixed with alcohol. This gin is a product of Cambridge distiller Will Lowe in collaboration with a Danish organisation called the Nordic Food Lab. We’re certainly intrigued!



5. Mama Juana – We think this spirit will be as delicious as it sounds. Originating from the Dominican Republic, this spirit is concocted by mixing rum, red wine and honey with a blend of herbs and tree barks. This blend is originally a tea blend of the native Indians which saw alcohol added, presumably for the extra kick. Mama Juana is believed to be an aphrodisiac and to have medicinal value.



6. Vietnamese Snake Wine – Fancy some cobra + scorpion infused rice wine? Vietnam is the place to be. Bottles of snake wine are produced by allowing snakes and scorpions sit in the liquid for months. This breaks down the venom into inactive proteins, making it safe to drink. Again, these wines are considered to have many health benefits, including the ability to treat conditions like back pain and rheumatism.


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