Video of Chinese fake Budweiser factory goes viral

Social media-savvy drinkers would’ve seen a supposed ‘leaked’ video that went viral this week showing a fake Budweiser beer factory making copious number of fake beers. Now, credible reports online confirmed that authorities have cracked down on the operation earlier this month.

Shanghaiist reports that the underground factory filmed in the video is based in China’s Guangdong province. Local authorities reportedly said that this underground workshop was ‘manufacturing’ over 600,000 crates of faked beer every month.

(Video source: Shanghaiist FB)

Unlike the real deal made by brand owners Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), the video shows clearly how workers re-filled empty cans of Budweiser (likely recycled ones) in a clear, white container box containing a questionable liquid substance before placing them onto a conveyor belt for re-canning.

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Where exactly these particular fake Budweiser cans end up retailing remains unknown for now. However, previous raids by local Chinese authorities have shown that nightclubs, bars and KTV parlours were the most frequent places that bought these fakes.

AB InBev’s local Chinese arm has already issued a statement confirming the beers produced in the video were produced illegally, and it has filed a report with the police since.

While this may seem like a ‘secluded’ problem in the world’s biggest beer market that is China, the sale of fake alcohol is in fact rampant across the region and the world. Our top tip to consumers to avoid them is simple, and that is to buy your booze from authorised and established retailers only.

(main image source: Shanghaiist)

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