Timah Whiskey

RM219.00 RM199.00 / Per 750 ml Bottle


Timah Whisky

RM219.00 RM199.00

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Why Do We Love This?

TIMAH Double Peated Blended Whiskey

Captain Tristram Speedy whose colourful expeditions spanned a good part of the 19th century was a decorated commander born in India whose life of exploration and military triumphs left a distinct imprint in the colonial story of Africa and Asia. The trails of his explotis had illuminated his name in the rich historical annals of the Abyssinian Empire, known today as Ethiopia, the Indian region, and the bustling Straits of Settlement in Malaya.

Unassuming notes for the nose make for an esay welcome to this dram, as a faintly floral flavour starts and is caravanned through for a breezy smooth finish. Before the taste of this light palate, a robust intensity greets the senses with a playful thrill before subduing into a sweet lingering warmth. Timah is imbued with a gentle tropical fruit peatiness that stays bright without undue intensity.

Timah Whiskey ,Malaysia first double peated blended whiskey, Awarded Silver winner in San Francisco World Spirit Award in year 2020.