Stella Artois (24x330ml Bottle)

RM379.00 RM350.00 / Per 330 ml Bottle


Stella Artois (24x330ml Bottle)

RM379.00 RM350.00

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Stella Artois is brewed to perfection using a proprietary yeast and Saaz hops, a noble variety of hops used for brewing Bohemian -style lagers. This is a full -flavored, premium lager that won't disappoint. Stella Artois was first brewed in Leuven, Belgium as a Christmas beer over 100 years ago. Named Stella after the star of Christmas and Artois after Sebastian Artois the brewery founder, today this beer is the best -selling Belgian beer in the world. There is a nine step ritual and special glass for pouring and serving a glass of Stella Artois to perfection. But don't worry we like it just as much from the bottle as we do on draft.