Sakurao Dry Gin Original

RM299.00 RM260.00 / Per 700 ml Bottle


Sakurao Dry Gin Original

RM299.00 RM260.00

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Juniper and citrus on the nose with hints of yuzu, oranges and green tea.

Citrus-dominated flavor. Orange and lime come on early. Pine-forward and slightly resinous juniper comes on mid-palate.

Long finish with notes of ginger and green tea.

Why Do We Love This?

Innovation from Tradition. From Hiroshima to the World.

Our distilling master uses 100-years of distilling techniques and know-how to select only the best ingredients from Hiroshima to create SAKURAO GIN.

Our botanicals produce a wide variety of aromatic notes, including citrus such as the florid-smelling lemon and the rich fragrance of yuzu, as well as aromas from Japanese cypress and oyster shells. Our gin also uses cherry blossoms, known as sakura in Japanese, which is the symbol of Sakurao, where our distillery is located.

And our LIMITED gin, in addition to juniper berries, also utilizes a total of 17 specially selected botanicals from Hiroshima and has been distilled using traditional methods from England, the home of dry gin.

Craft gins proudly made in Hiroshima presented from SAKURAO DISTILLERY to the world.