Royal Salute 21YO Malts Blend

RM829.00 RM740.00 / Per 700 ml Bottle


The Royal Salute 21YO Malts Blend

RM829.00 RM740.00

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Super sweet and rich echoing the nose. Apricots, creamy vanilla and banana crème brulee all rounded off with a touch of spicy clove boiled sweets.

A melody of ripe soft fruits namely pears, sweet peaches mandarin oranges, blackcurrant jam and sweet violets.

Why Do We Love This?

The 21 Year Old Malts Blend is the first blended malt from Royal Salute and was crafted with more than 21 precious single malts from the 5 regions of Scotland. The result is an indulgent and profound Scotch whisky bursting with notes of orchard fruits, enriched by subtle spices and housed in a beautifully crafted porcelain flagon.


Isn’t Royal Salute already a blended whisky? What is the difference between blended malt and blended whisky?

  • Blended whisky/ Blended scotch is a blend of single malt and grain whisky
  • Blended malt on the other hand is a blend of single malts only (and in the case of RS Malts Blend, it’s a Blend of 21 Precious Single Malts that are aged min 21 YO and above)