Remy Martin Club

RM412.00 RM399.00 RM399.00 (Unit Price) / Per 700 ml Bottle

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1 Bottle  /  RM412 RM399.00 per bottle
3 Bottles  /  RM412 RM380.00 per bottle
6 Bottles  /  RM412 RM370.00 per bottle
12 Bottles  /  RM412 RM350.00 per bottle

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Grilled almonds, warm spicy notes of cinnamon

Dry fruits intermingle with oaky notes, well-balanced

Dense texture resulting a long and intense finish

Why Do We Love This?

In 1985, Cellar Master André Giraud decided to create an intense and complex cognac for men, and Rémy Martin CLUB was born. The unique bottle is octagonal, its eight facets referring to the lucky number eight in China.