Kronenbourg Draught Beer Barrel 23 litres x 3

RM4,500.00 RM3,125.00 / Per 23 litre


3 x 23 Litres

RM4,500.00 RM3,125.00

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Pale yellow, Opalescent

Sustained Intensity, Citrus, Liquorice, Crystalised Lemon

Elegant, Inimitably Sweet, and Refreshing

Persistent Fruity Aroma, Notes of Citrus Peel

Strisselspalt Hops

Why Do We Love This?

Kronenbourg 1664 is the most sold French beer in the world and the market leader for high-end premium beers. It was named after the year the Hatt family, the founders of Kronenbourg, first started commercial brewing. Kronenbourg is the fifth oldest beer brand in the world that still exists today. Lead Time Peak Season: 1-2 Weeks Pre-Booking Normal Season: 3-7 Days Pre-Booking