Kaiserdom Lemon Beer Mix 0.0% (500ML)

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Kaiserdom Lemon Beer Mix 0.0% (500ML)


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Why Do We Love This?

The naturally cloudy mix of 50% Kellerbier and 50% lemon soft drink convinces with its fruity, not too sweet taste and is completely without artificial sweeteners. Sparkling and refreshing with 0.0% vol. alcohol, it is the perfect alternative.
Available in 500M cans.

Since 1718, Kaiserdom have been brewing beer with passion and since 1982 also completely alcohol-free. This makes them the absolute pioneer in Germany for the 0.0% beers. They are proud of their international 0.0% beers, whose full flavor is the result of the interplay of their many years of experience and the latest technical processes.