Johnnie Walker Malaysia Edition: Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic

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A Mellow, Rouded Nose, Dry Smokiness, Raisin Sweetness, Hazelnuts, Honey, Rose Petals, Sherry, Oranges, Kumquats, Wispy Aromatic Smoke

Sandalwood, Tobacco, Dark Chocolate Rich

Uniquely Long, Satisfying

Why Do We Love This?

THE LAST 100 BOTTLES of the Johnnie Walker Malaysia Edition: Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic is now available for purchase EXCLUSIVELY with! Just 4,000 were made, each donning the vivid illustrations by renowned Lithuanian multi-disciplinary artist Ernest Zacharevic – the genius behind Georgetown’s famed street arts. Inspired by Penang, its culture and heritage; this is one prized spirit any Penangite or Malaysian will be proud to own #TheLast100. Moreover, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label blended scotch whisky that rests inside each is an unrivaled masterpiece on its own right too. Given that this one-off collaboration likely won’t be repeated in future, this is a must-have for collectors as the price value of each is expected to go up beyond its original retail price in the foreseeable future.

Goes Well With...

Chocolate, Fruit