Jim Beam Bourbon Whisky White Label (FOC 1 SINGHA SODA)

RM210.00 RM173.00 / Per 700 ml Bottle


Jim Beam Bourbon Whisky White Label

RM210.00 RM173.00

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Quite Sweet,Vanilla, Cut Hay, Little Cereal Sweetness, Bluegrass

Toasty Oak, Vanilla, Crème Anglaise, Little Spice, Pepper

Toasty Oak, Resin, Some Sweetness

Why Do We Love This?

Jim Beam bourbon undergoes distillation at lower temperatures and is distilled to no more than 62.5%, the White label is aged for four years and has quite a high percentage of rye in the mashbill.

Goes Well With...

Steak, Cold-Cut Meats