Erdinger Weissbier "with Fine yeast" Draught Beer Barrel 30 litres (PRE ORDER)

RM4,982.00 RM3,612.00 / Per 30 litre


2 x 30 Litres

RM4,982.00 RM3,612.00

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Soft gold

Gently Spicy Wheat And Yeast Aromas, WIth Mildly Bitter Hops

Invigorating Carbon Dioxide

Why Do We Love This?

The strength of this classic wheat beer lies in the harmonious balance it achieves between the various aromas. Gently spicy wheat and yeast aromas blend with mildly bitter hops. The invigorating carbon dioxide ensures its typical liveliness. A premium beer whose full-bodied yet elegant character leaves a lasting impression of ultimate Bavarian enjoyment. A truly unique wheat beer! Erdinger Weissbier allows its top-fermenting specialty to mature in the bottle in the traditional manner, just like champagne. This wheat beer from Erding offers more than just sparkling refreshment it gives a true taste of Bavaria.

Lead Time Peak Season: 1-2 Weeks Pre-Booking

Normal Season: 3-7 Days Pre-Booking

Goes Well With...

Salad, Chicken, Fish, Cheese, Desserts