Edinburgh Gin Pomegrante & Rose

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Edinburgh Gin Pomegrante & Rose


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Soft floral notes, with sweetness and a light citrus finish.

Candied, with juicy fruit-filled flavours and a touch of zest.

A lingering flavour of rose, balanced by the tang of lively fruit from the pomegranate.

Why Do We Love This?

Inspired by dusky evenings in the Orient, our Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur is light and fragrant, evocative of sugar-dusted Turkish Delight.

Blending ruby-red pomegranate seeds and damask rose petals with our classic Edinburgh Gin, this sumptuous liqueur is softly floral, its gentle warmth tempered by lingering fruit flavours and a light citrus lift.

The candied, aromatic notes are a perfect complement to dry sparkling wine such as Prosecco. It also makes a delicately sweet addition to the classic Martini, and is equally delicious when served over ice. For a longer drink, this gin liqueur mixes beautifully with rose lemonade, garnished with a lemon twist.