Craft Beer Half Party Package

RM304.00 RM279.00 / Per 330 ml Bottle


Craft Beer Half Party Package

RM304.00 RM279.00

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Make your party special with this unique package of delicious craft beers. 6 bottles of 2 beer types give you an opportunity to try tastes you've never dreamed of. Hitachino White Ale (6 x 330ml) : This White Ale is brewed with wheat malt, and flavored with coriander, orange peel and nutmeg. Mornington Brown Ale (6 x 330ml) : Mornington Brown is an English -style brown ale, brewed using classic imported English ale malts. Pouring a deep golden brown with hints of red, aromas of toffee, brown sugar and raisins greet the nose.


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