The Perfect Sinful Pair set 2

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Johnnie Walker Black Label 700ml + First Love Chocolate Truffles (5 boxes x 12 pcs)

RM388.00 RM349.00

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Why Do You Need To Know?

As this assortment of flavors encompasses the bliss that chocolates give during consumption, we want you to remember those who walk with you in life and share this special treat with them.

Different chocolate variations would of course produce different results during consumption. Our suggestion? Start with the richest.

1. The 80% First Love Dark Chocolate introduces the tongue to the rich flavor of cocoa in its natural state. Taking a sip of whisky after will enhance the intensity of the two flavors. The Black Label coming together with bitter chocolate to create a robust concoction that creates a craving that makes way for lighter flavors.

2. 70% Bitter-Sweet First Love Dark Chocolate carries a bittersweet tang that introduces a subtle sweetness that stands out from the rich cocoa flavor. When the Black Label is paired together with the likes of this chocolate, the flavor deepens, creating an intense, spicy and rich phenomenon in your mouth.

3. As the bridge between the bitter and the sweet, take a piece of Vanilla First Love Dark Chocolate and consume it by itself. Follow that by washing it down with a gulp of whisky to cleanse your palate and ready it for the REAL STUFF.

4. Take the Caramel First Love Dark Chocolate. The newly introduced flavors of light caffeine and milky sweetness will play notes on your tongue, readying it for the incoming sweet finisher.

5. The Hazelnut Milk Chocolate is the epitome of this tasting experience. The sweet opening is bound  to fill up the gaps left by the Black Label whisky for sweetness. Taking them together will bring your dining experience to a whole new level. A sweet ending for a rich experience.

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