Fair Lady / French Rose Cheesecakes

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French Rose Cheesecake 9"


Fair Lady Cheesecake 8" 10366,Variation #10366 of Fair Lady / French Rose Cheesecakes"


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Treat your party with (one of) these 9″ cheesecakes! Fair Lady Cheesecake: Meet fair lady! A gentle, delicate, character that truly brings a smile to your plate. Crave for this light and fluffy Japanese cheesecake topped with strawberries, and perhaps couple it with a cup of green tea! Yum! French Rose Cheesecake: Delight in this fine and fragrant French Rose Cheesecake topped with dried rose petals and black tea. A luscious indulgent at any time! Perfect for house parties and corporate events! If you like to order these two yummy cheesecakes please order 3 days in advance!

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