buy three different flavor of popcorn

Popcorn with Bacon


Popcorn with Bacon


Treat your party with (one of) these delicious popcorns!

Bacon & Bourbon Caramel Popcorn: Fluffy popcorn drizzled with hot bourbon caramel, then tossed with homemade salty bacon before they are slowly baked to crunchy perfection.

Bacon & Rum Butterscotch Popcorn: Light buttery popcorn tossed with our homemade rum butterscotch, crispy salty bacon and toasted whole almonds. Take a bite of these little babies and feel the paper-thin crispy coating explode in your mouth!

Bacon & Gula Melaka Popcorn: Rich, dark, and mysterious Gula Melaka (palm sugar) caramelized over low fire and then drizzled over freshly popped corn and salty homemade bacon. This “Asian-Inspired” popcorn is then sprinkled with dessicated coconut before they are slow baked to crunchy perfection! Yum!

Perfect for house parties or gifts for your special one! If you like to order these yummy popcorns, place your order 1 week in advance!

  • 100g for RM 16.
  • 350g for RM 50.