Nathalie Gourmet's Macaron Pack (25 pcs)

Nathalie Gourmet’s Macaron Pack (25 pcs)

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Nathalie Gourmet’s Macaron Pack (25 pcs)


The Macaron is a meringue and almond shell enclosing a taste sensation made only of premium products. This typical and popular French pastry can be enjoyed all day long but the perfect match is definitely with a coffee. Nathalie's macarons are renowned in Kuala Lumpur as premium delicacies you can enjoy any time during your day. Nathalie has designed more than 30 flavours over the past 10 years. There will definitely be one matching your taste!

Classic Flavours: Pistachio, Dark Chocolate, Chocomel, Vanilla, Nougat, Coconuts, Black Current & Violet Flower, Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Strawberry, Macha Green Tea, After Eight, Caramel, Praliné, tRose & Lychee, Cherry & Pistachio, Lavender & Apricot, Lemon, Lime, Black Sesame.

“On Request” Flavours: Walnut, Ginger Bread, Liquorice, Lemongrass, Rhubarb & Tarragon, Strawberry & Poppy Flower, Orange, White Chocolate, Earl Grey, Hazelnut & Yuzu, Cinnamon & Figue, Calamansi, Coffee, Ginger.

Lead Time: 1 Day in advance for classic flavours, 3 days in advance for “On Request” flavour.