Delicious Mushroom Popcorn 3kg

Delicious Mushroom Popcorn – 3kg


Delicious Mushroom Popcorn – 3kg


Treat your party with this delicious mushroom popcorn:
Salted popcorn: Indulge in the scrumptious flavor with an open mouth and clear conscience. It’s a naturally simple snack, popped to perfection. Tear open a bag and grab a fistful of fun! It’s ridiculously good!
Caramel popcorn: It is a confection made of popcorn coated with a sugar or molasses based caramel candy shell.
Cheddar popcorn: ultimate snack – perfectly popped and covered with creamy cheddar cheese. It’s so airy and fluffy, it will make you keep grabbing and grabbing and still want more after you finish

Perfect for house parties and corporate events. Freshness guaranteed.

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Salted popcorn, Caramel popcorn, Cheddar popcorn