Connor's Stout Draught Beer Barrel 23 litres

Connor’s Stout Draught Beer Barrel 23 litres

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Connor’s Stout Draught Beer Barrel 23 litres


Connor's Stout Porter, a brew inspired from the 1700's British Stout Porter recipe, crafted to suit today;s consumer's taste expectations.

Connor's Stout Porter was carefully concocted to deliver its crisp texture, creamy foam and gentle roasty undertones with a unique balance of bitterness and robustness. Just made right.

Appearance: When you pour a Connor's Stout Porter you have a visual exprience with all the gas bubbles dancing and travelling in the glass from bottom to the top. Now that the beer is settled, you can see the beautiful black colour with a creamy foam.

Aromas: Bring the glass to your lips and don't take that tempting sip yet. Have a sniff of the stout. There are more than 600 flavours in a stout, our sensitivity is extremely high but varies from people to people. First you get some roasted notes then slight nuances of chocolate, toffee and malt.

Taste: Break the seal and get that cream on your lips and have a sip. Let the caramel sweetness settle at the front of your tongue, while the gentle undertones of roastiness to the side.

Aftertaste: The bittersweet aftertaste will then set to the black of your throat. Savour that perfect balance of bitterness and robustness. A subtle sweetness and toffee notes and the strong desire to take another sip.

Alcohol Percentage: 5.5%

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