Get the ultimate wine & flowers gift set now!

Whether you’re marking a special occasion with that special someone, celebrating a momentous occasion, or perhaps you’re planning on giving the ultimate gesture of love to your significant other, little else come close to eclipsing the combination of wine & flowers.


That’s why we’ve recently teamed up with local specialist craft florists at and came up with these exquisite wine & flowers gift set selection starting this month! Here’s what’s in store in the wine & flowers gift set selection.

The range consists of 8 packages presently; each featuring specially designed floral arrangements by Additionally, each set also comes with either a bottle of Penfolds Australian red wine, Chateau Los Boldos Chilean white wine, or Moët & Chandon champagne supplied by us at


Furthermore, we’ll make sure you won’t break the bank to celebrate your special occasion with that special someone too as prices for the wine & flowers gift set series start from as low as RM152 only! After all, you can’t put a price on how special these gifts will make any of its receivers feel, right?

Click here to check out the full range of the new wine & flowers gift sets now to find the perfect compliment to any upcoming celebrations you may have at hand.

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