Want to boost your brain's memory strength further? Well then, you ought to drink more! A recent study reportedly conducted by scientists at the University of Exeter in the UK on 88 individuals yielded some interesting results that proves that drinking alcohol can boost your memory. 

Participants were divided into two groups, one for those who wanted to drink as much as they liked, followed by another for those who didn't drink at all, and both groups were administered with a series of word-learning tasks. 

The word-learning task was re-administered following day where researchers noted that participants who drank alcohol the night before had less trouble in recounting more of what they had learned. 


University of Exeter's Professor Celia Morgan states, "Our research not only showed that those who drank alcohol did better when repeating the world-learning task, but that this effect was stronger among those who drank more." 

With the results, said researchers stressed the "limited positive effect" is best considered alongside the "well-established negative effects" of excessive alcohol consumption on memory, and mental and physical health.

The university's researchers are still trying to fully understand the effects. However, the leading theory explaining this lie in is that the hippocampus - the brain area really important in memory - switches to 'consolidating' memories, transferring from short into longer-term memory. 

Ultimately, the study showed that alcohol does indeed help. Couple that with our last report that drinking wine is indeed healthy for your brain, there's little to disagree about drinking's positive affects on the human mind. 

In other words, your brain (and you!) deserve a good drink once a while, especially if you're in the mood to learn something new. (main image source: Guinness MY)