There's absolutely no shame in drinking pink. We're talking about Rosé wine and its ever-increasing growth worldwide. The most apparent of which was reportedly experienced in its key UK and US market last year. 

In the UK, research firm BMI Data indicates that sales of Rosé wine from Provence - the world's largest Rosé-producing region - in the UK rose by 29%, with the category's growth driven by high-end Rosé offerings. This trend for premium, high-end Rosé will continue to play out over the medium-to-long term the firm predicts. [caption id="attachment_17675" align="aligncenter" width="720"]image source: image source:[/caption] 

In fact, Rosé wine sales in the UK had doubled in 2016 thanks to several notable factors. These include the push by retailers with initiatives such as National Rosé Day on June 10, the rising demand for frozen rosé cocktail ('frosé', pictured above), as well as the growing 'brosé' movement -rosé-loving men. 

However, America remains the wine type's biggest market, with its 2016 sales and export figures showing a rise that's both drastic rapid, especially in recent years. Reports show that Provence Rosé exports to the US nearly doubled last year, totalling at 11.4 million litres - a stark contrast from the mere 0.4 million litres about a decade ago. 

Given these stats figures, there's really nothing wrong with drinking pink indeed. Click here and find out why Rosé wine is being loved by many the world over and how it became the ultimate choice drink for the summer.