For most, the words 'cognac' and 'cocktails'nmight not rhyme together too often. Well, that's a myth that the folks at Pernod Ricard Malaysia aimed at debunking when they held their exclusive Martell cocktails showcase called 'Be Curious' late last week. 


Held in the swanky Hyde At 53M, Damansara Uptown last Thursday, invited guests were led by Martell's Brand Ambassador Pierre Boyer in sampling special a series of cocktails, all with the special Martell twist to them, crafted by leading local mixologist Jason Julian


If you've read the first edition of Booze & Bites KL, you may recall our feature interview with Pierre where he sheds light on the brand's 'fun' and innovative side. Essentially, the 'Be Curious' evening was how Pierre turned those words of his into action. 


Things began with welcome drinks in the form of the eveningду»s first two of the four featured cocktails - Vieux Carré and La Rose Emilie. Here's the breakdown of their ingredients: 


With the Martell La Rose Emilie, we 're pretty sure this is one that'll be a winner amongst ladies. Words such as sweet, fruity, smooth and creamy all perfectly describes this Martell VSOP-based mix, thus making it the best starter for the evening as well. 


Next came the Martell Cordon Bleu Intense Heat-infused Vieux Carré, which likely stood as the 'manliest' between the first two concoctions served. If you're looking for a way to diffuse this particular cognac's toasted heat without diluting its other properties, this infusion of two bitters, vermouth and Benedictine is the right way to do it. 


The evening then proceeded with Pierre's guided tasting session. Here, guests were given a much more in-depth and intimate understanding of the differences between famed French cognac houseду»s renowned VSOP, XO, Cordon Bleu, Cordon Bleu Intense Heat and NCF (Non Chill-Filtered) blends. 


 After which, the evening continued with a serving of Martell's redux of two classics - Martell Julep and Martell Side Car. Here's the breakdown to what's in both drinks: 


A VSOP-based twist to the classic and much-loved Mint Julep, the Martell Julep is both simple and elegant. Smooth, sweet and minty, you could say that this is the best thing to have if you're basking under the sun on a beach.


What makes this mix truly special though is the sheer ease of concocting it at home by just about anyone. This was proven by the number of guests who walked away pleased with their mixes after the evening's special one-on-one Martell Julep mixing class behind the bar with maestro Jason. 


The Martell Side Car uses Martell's VSOP as the base once again, mixed with lemon juice and triple sec and served in a sugar-rimmed glass. This is one smooth and punchy drink that's perfect for any sophisticated lady to start the evening with, especially in a swanky establishments such as Hyde At 53M. 

By evening's end, it's safe to say that any guests who carried this misconception that one cannot use premium and fine cognac - especially ones by Martell - to make cocktails were debunked in the most fun and highly enlightening way in fact. 


Of course, there's more beyond the four showcased in this special and intimate evening hosted by Pernod Ricard Malaysia. You can view scores of other recipes of Martell cocktails that's featured on Martell's main webpage and try mixing some yourself too. 

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(Additional images courtesy of Pernod Ricard Malaysia)