Jägermeister successfully unveiled its new major rebranding efforts earlier this week, sporting its new "Be the Meister" catchphrase. This is the German digestif liqueur marqueду»s first ever rebranding exercise in its 80-year long existence, and one that's perhaps long overdue. 

[caption id="attachment_15338" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Apparently, this is what Jн_germeister thinks a Millennial looks like... Apparently, this is what Jägermeister thinks a Millennial looks like...[/caption] 

A creative platform named after its new phrasehas been launched in the US, with its efforts capitalising heavily on the characteristics of Jн_germeister's renowned heritage. The move sees the brand repositioning itself strategically, targeting itself more towards new-aged millennials

Essentially, Jägermeister wants consumers to take charge and be the meister of their own lives using the mantra of 'do what you do masterfully and you can live by your own rules'. 

[caption id="attachment_15335" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Screenshot of German supermodel Nadja Auermann from the new Jн_germeister TV commercial (click to watch) Screenshot of German supermodel Nadja Auermann from the new Jägermeister TV commercial (click to watch)[/caption] 

The new campaign also gave birth to a new TV commercial produced in collaboration with lead advertising agency Opperman Weiss. Sporting a modern and dark new look and approach, the commercial also features German supermodel Nadja Auermann leading a seemingly avantgarde crowd in a toast with ice-cold servings of the famed dark brown liqueur.


It is worth noting that despite its shift to target a new and much younger consumer crowd, the classic Jägermeister bottle and label design still remains virtually unchanged - not that it needed a facelift anyways, right? 

Beyond this, parent company Mast-Jägermeister SE's American arm plans to roll out more new-aged promotional materials in the US over the coming months through various channels. These include print, out-of-home and digital, as well as in-store and on-premise bar activation events amongst others. 


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