Music, food, friends, dancing lights and Booze are the essential things to jazz up your house party or warm up your night on this festive month. But do you know how to make it even merrier? Yes, drinking games! We bet you will try these 10 fun drinking games to get your festive spirits up. What do you need to play? Of course, Booze!!!

Kings Cup

Here’s how you do it, everytime you pick a card, you have to do what the list below says. This might make you drunk and that’s even a better way to play.

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Our all time easiest game! Each player starts counting a number and keep continue to other players by saying it loudly except 7 and its multiples, in which you should say BUZZ. If you don’t, you drink! Ssst, we know you will secretly hope that everyone says the number instead of buzz in this game.

Source: BuzzFeed

Most Likely

The players have to sit in a circle and one player asks a “most likely” question to the rest of the players like “Who would be most likely to fart in the public?” and after counting to three, everyone has to point out at a person who they think most likely to do that. The person who got pointed by others, has to drink as many as the people who pointed out at them.

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Another easy-to-practice counting game. It’s almost same as buzz but the only rule to remember is that any instance of the numbers 3, 6 or 9 must be replaced by a clap. How if the number is doubles like 33 or 69? Claps two times. Mess up? Drink.

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I’m Going to the Bar

It’s easy as hell. All you have to do is focus and remember what the previous person said. The first person begins by saying “I am going to the bar and I need to get a mojito” (or any other alcoholic beverages). After that, it continues to the next players by adding another drink to the list for example, “I am going to the bar and I need to get a mojito, a gin and tonic, a beer, and a tequila shot”. Keep going until someone messes it up by fogetting the list. That person has to take the shot. Brave enough to try?

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Never Have I Ever

Wanna find out your friends’ secret? This is how you do it. One player starts to say something she/he has never done before like “Never have I ever thrown up on someone”, and the people who have done that should take a shot. All players have to be honest for this game will be fun! Make your friends admit their secret and get embarassed because of it.

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Flip Cups

This is a team-based drinking game and good starter for a house party. Two teams stand on opposite sides of a table facing one another and keep their cups with drinks at the edge. Everyone must finish their drink and flip the cup until it faces down on the table before the next player starts to drink. You will win if you drink and flip fast, but it also means that you will drunk.

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Beer Pong

Who doesn’t know this anyway? Thrown a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing in a cup of beer, ideally 6 or 10 cups in a triangle formation. If the ball lands perfectly in your opponent’s cup, they will drink the cup and remove it from the table. If not, then congratulations it’s yours.

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Attached to the Hip

This game is an ice breaker for people at the party, to bring you closer together! Write body parts on slips of paper. Everyone makes a team of two and pick up two paper. Say “attached!” and each pair should make the mentioned body parts touch each other for as long as they can. Everytime separates, take a shot.

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You know we can’t look into Medusa’s eyes right? That’s the point. Everyone sits around and looking down. Counting to three, everyone looks up and stares at another player. If you’re looking at someone who isn’t looking at you, you’re safe. If you’re looking at each other directly with your friend, you both lose so drink up your glass.

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Have fun! Drink responsibly. Oops, we mean don’t spill it.