New to whisky? No problem. In this post, weду»re going to share some basic etiquette to adopt while youЊжsip on your dram. These are whisky drinking conventions that will enhance your overall experience andЊжsave you from treacherous mistakes, like mixing your single malt with coke. image 1. Always drink your whisky from a glass We know it's a lot easier to serve whisky in disposable cups, especially when you're hosting a houseЊжparty. Avoid them at all costs. Disposable / paper cups are unworthy vessels for any fine dram. UseЊжlowball or tulip glasses instead. If you must, make do with a short beer glass. Think about it this way дусЊжyou wouldn't usually take a beautiful lady to a roadside mamak for a first date would you?ЊжAnd yes, we do recommend treating your dram like a beautiful lady! 151015 - Intro Japanese Whisky 2. Drink your whisky on the rocks or with a dash of water If you're new to single malts, it's hard to enjoy the flavours and aromas of the whisky when you drink itЊжneat. For the uninitiated, the sting of the alcohol can be overwhelming. Add some ice or a dash of waterЊжto your dram. Or an iceball for extra swag. But never, EVER mix your single malt whisky with coke, or anyЊжother mixer for that matter. If you have to ask why, we suggest you stop reading this article now and goЊжwatch the Kardashians on TV or something. wpid-glenfiddich-21-year-old-interesting-fact-02.jpg 3. Nose your whisky Single malts have complex and delicious aromas. Take some time to savour them with your nose! RaiseЊжyour glass to slightly below your nose and try to identify the aromas that greet you. You may only getЊжthe alcohol on your first sniff, so take a second and a third. After some practice, you'll be able to noticeЊжhints of vanilla, citrus, spice and even green apple. Use your imagination! 4. Sip and go easy on the Yumsengs A bottle of whisky is meant to be enjoyed and savoured. Sip slowly with poise and composure. KeepЊжyour little finger on the glass. Let the liquid roll around in your mouth and try to identify the flavours youЊжget from it. Some of the most common flavours in single malts include vanilla, toffee and dried fruit. TryЊжto avoid downing your whisky if you can, especially if you're enjoying fine whisky aged 18 years andЊжabove. 5. Drink responsibly We can't stress this enough дус single malt whisky is a drink to be enjoyed and savoured slowly. There isЊжno need to chase and rush your drinks, lest you want to end up becoming rather ungentlemanly. NoЊжbetter way to pay homage to the dram you have in hand by drinking responsibly!