What do you do when you have a bottle of wine/ beer? Just gonna booze it all?
That's what people usually do, but ... how about experiencing something new? Check out few ideas that are gonna surprise you this Malaysia Day! 

1. Jack Daniels Honey Cupcakes 

Some booze in your favorite cupcakes. Booze-cake, even better when frosted. Sounds good enough? Even better when your over-protective mom never knows a whole glass of wine is secretly kept in that little innocent cake, right?


2.Whisky and ginger smash 

Shhh... Keep this secret between us. Whisky is ginger's best friend. Mix whisky, ginger syrup, lemon and mint leaves, then you and your boozemate will booze happily this Malaysian Day. 

whiskey and ginger smash 

3. Raspberry Sorbet Mimosas 

A girly, sweet and romantic drink. Have a pinky bestie loving champagne? You know what to do! 

Raspberry Sorbet Mimosas 

Pour your Rosé  champagne in the glasses and put some raspberry sorbet on top. Your best for you & your bestie is definitely this. 

4. Brandy Butter Cake. 

Hey sweet lover, cookies never ask you to give up on brandy! Brandy, butter, cake, can you guess what I mean now? 

brandy butter cake  

Brandy Butter Cake. The devil alcoholic treat to all innocent sweet lovers. 

Bake your butter cake as usual, but with a touch of brandy to flavor the cake. This booze-cake will promise to bring you to another world called happiness. 

So.. what are you going to treat yourself this Malaysian Day? Share with us the images of your special treat on facebook with hashtag #BEMalaysiaDay to receive some further tips next holidays!