Weду»ve all found ourselves in this unfortunate situation at least once - thirsty for wine but helpless without a corkscrew. We know the frustration and desperation that comes with it all too well. That's why we've decided to compile some of our favourite alternative ways of opening a wine bottle. If you ever lose your corkscrew, these methods might just help you out!

#1 - Opening a wine bottle with a shoe

This ingenious method is simple and effective дус use a shoe, preferably with a leather sole (sneakers wouldnду»t be as effective), place the wine bottle upright on the heel, and pound it horizontally on a solid wall. 

#2 - Opening a wine bottle with a bicycle pump

Air pressure is your friend! Use a needle head on a bicylce pump (the same kind of head used to inflate basketballs) to pump air into the wine bottle. The air pressure will cause the cork to pop up, and when it does, simply twist it open. 

#3 - Opening a wine bottle with a knife

Carefully insert a knife into the edge of the cork at a 45-degree angle. When knife is firmly lodged within the cork, pull and turn slowly. When enough cork has emerged, simply twist the bottle open with your hands. 

#4 -Opening a wine bottle with a blowtorch

This is definitely the most badass way to get your wine out of the bottle. Use a blowtorch to heat up the neck of the bottle and the heat will cause the air in the bottle to expand. If you're going to try this, be sure to approach with caution!