Martell Chanteloup XXO & Martell Chanteloup XXO Masterpiece

A dazzling demonstration of the art of blending, the Martell Chanteloup XX comprises of 450 very old eaux-de-vie from the four finest cognac crus — Borderies, Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, and Fins Bois. An unprecedented combination of richness and complexity, Martell Chanteloup XXO offers cognac lovers a complete expression of the very best of the Cognac terroir.

With this outstanding example of savoir-faire, the oldest of the great cognac houses pays tribute to the legacy of its founder, Jean Martell, whose audacious vision and authentic values lastingly shaped its destiny. Named after the historic Chateau de Chanteloup near Cognac, France, the unique blend of richness and complexity takes cognac enthusiasts straight to the core of Martell and the essence of its art of blending. Embodying a heritage transmitted through nine generations, the distinctive cognac, today, is in the hands of Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud.

The Martell Chanteloup XXO is a testament to the House of Martell’s art of blending — an ancestral savoir-faire — that has been perfected over three centuries. The Martell Chanteloup XXO combines intense fruity aromas surrounded by an impression of fullness, balance, power, and elegance, which continues into a remarkably long finish. Coloured in rich amber with shimmering highlights, the cognac produces luscious aromas of honey, vine peach, and apricot, complemented by notes of fig, almonds, and walnuts.

“Martell Chanteloup XXO embodies a heritage transmitted through nine generations, as the Martell art of blending has been passed on from one Cellar Master to the next. Today, just as I blend eaux-de-vie that were aged by my predecessors, so I nurture eaux-de-vie that will be blended by my successors.” says Christophe Valtaud, Cellar Master of Maison Martell. 

To induct cognac enthusiasts in Malaysia, the Maison held an exclusive blending workshop to demonstrate the complexity of the art of blending the Martell Chanteloup XXO. Guerin, who works with Valtaud thanks to their shared love for cognac, guided guests in a blending workshop that utilised more than 60 eaux-de-vie, some aged at 70 years, and a blend of 250 Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie. 

Since 1715, Maison Martell has preserved an exceptional savoir-faire in the art of blending. To accompany cognac lovers in their discovery of this rich and complex blend, the House has created the Martell Chanteloup XXO Masterpiece. This exquisitely crafted, made-to-order trunk represents an experience unique in the world of cognac, which not only gives clients an unprecedented insight into the expertise of the Martell Cellar Master but also allows them to express their own personal tastes and preferences.

The Martell Chanteloup XXO Masterpiece opens to reveal, around the centrepiece of the cognac itself, two montres from a curated selection, and glass sampling bottles traditionally used in the Cognac region. For the “Montre des Années”, the cognac connoisseur may select an eau-de-vie from among the oldest and most representative vintages from the Maison’s four finest crus. The “Montre des Arômes”, meanwhile, may be chosen to express the client’s preference for one of thenotes developed by Martell Chanteloup XXO – for example, the floral aromas characteristic of the Borderies, the fresh fruit of Fins Bois, or the overtones of the rancio dried fruit associated with Grande Champagne.

Valtaud adds, “The Martell Chanteloup XXO Masterpiece is above all an encounter – an encounter between Maison Martell and cognac lovers looking for a new experience around cognac. It is an encounter, too, of craftsmanship and expertise – between the savoir-faire of Maison Martell in the art of blending and the ancestral skills of the artisans who created this unique piece.”