If you think traveling costs an arm and leg… You’re doing it wrong! Unless, you expect five-star hotels and luxury cruises, traveling might be expensive. The low-cost carriers are available to various destinations nowadays; making it seems possible to travel across the world in a low budget. Of course, not all the people are down for this backpacking style of traveling, but the richness of traveling is not on where you stay or what you eat – is the feeling of exploring something you never imagine and knowing people in more than one place.

And if you’re ready for a new adventure, you’ll be surprised to find out that these countries we’re gonna talk about, is where you can spend $30 a day or even less!

Set your budget for $30 per day, exclude the flights, and let’s begin to explore…

Not only it would mesmerize you with its beauty, traveling to Thailand can be super cheap! If you think about spend less and travel longer, this is the paradise of Southeast Asia. You can easily find a nice hostel in Bangkok for less than $10 per night. A usual meal and even a pint of domestic beer cost $1.77. Thailand is also famous for its street food, you don’t wanna miss this of course since it only costs as little as $1.

Photo: @thailand on instagram

Lets move to the one of the world’s largest archipelago nations, the Philippines. Imagine the country scattered about with thousands small islands throughout to explore. In fact, there are more than 7.000 of islands and awesomeness. Whether you want to do island hop, chill by the beach, or just stroll around Manila, luckily all can be done in well under $30 a day! A hostel costs $6-10 in average, a simple meal is around $2-5 and local transportation can be as cheap as $0,50. What’s best is that a 2-hour ferry can cost less than $10 and beer is only $1!

Photo: @go.philippines on instagram

Between Samsung, bullet trains and Hallyu wave, we always have an idea that South Korea is expensive, but you might say “WHAT?!” because in fact, it can be cheap – if you know what to look for. There are several secrets on how to travel with low budget in Seoul. For a place to sleep, go to Jimjilbang – which is a public spa that allow you to sleep for average $6-10. A delicious Korean meal will cost you around $5 and soju is less than $3! Getting around Seoul is easy, take subway or bus for $1 in cities or even walking around and you’ll never feel bored. The key point is go for what’s traditional because it’s free! Visit palaces or hanok village, climb a mountain, watch Korean street music and come to a festival definitely a good idea to traveling in Seoul. Oh! Don’t forget to have your Korean street food, it’s cheap and 맛있어요.

Photo: @seoul_official on instagram

Heading to the so called vodka nations… Hello Russia! Once you’re in, it’s very affordable to get around, eat and enjoy it the Russian way. Moscow and St. Petersburg are definitely must-go-to places, but of course it’s more expensive than the other parts in Russia. A decent food costs around $3-5 and dorm room accommodation costs around $5, or you want something cheaper? Couchsurfing is an alternative for you. What’s best in Moscow is that the metro station itself looks like a museum, it’s of course very artsy and instagramable. And to get around you only have to pay 50 cents for as long as you like. There are also plenty of free walking tours to enjoy the city while also interact with Russian people. The most important thing is, half a liter of vodka costs you $2.70! What a good life.

Photo: @i_love_msk on instagram

Who can resist going to Europe? Portugal is one of the countries where you can spend $30 in a day. Though it’s a small country, the richness of history of almost 900 years, beautiful beaches and delicious food makes the travelers choose Portugal as one of the hottest travel destinations of the moment. Accommodation at the hostel starts at $10-15 and a decent meal may cost you around $5-10, or as simple as coffee and toast costs  $3. By strolling throughout the city, you can enjoy diverse landscapes, enchanting medieval castles and cosmopolitan city living a la Portuguese. Travel by bus or train is also quite affordable and safe but you still should be really careful, especially during summer high season.

Photo: @visitportugal on instagram

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