It is commonplace among Westerners to have wine paired with turkey during Thanksgiving as it enhances the meal altogether. Perhaps we in Malaysia aren’t as aware of this fact because this is more of a foreign tradition. But hey if you’re willing to experiment and find out how your palate can be improved, why not give it a go?

What Malaysians don’t often recognize is that turkeys are highly versatile when it comes to being paired with wines depending on the way it is prepared. Whether it’s baked, smoked, roasted or grilled, picking the right types of wines to go with your meal will not only make your dining experience feel complete but increase your appreciation for this festive dish.

Here’s a list of wines from our reserves that can help improve your dining experience this Christmas if you’re having turkey:


Source: Wine Folly

Classified into red and white, Zinfandel is well known as a red wine is gives a rich and intense flavor that goes deep, carrying blackberry tangs with peppery notes on the tongue. Though often paired with dark meats to enhance the flavor of the meat juices, turkey meat is known to taste less like poultry and more like pork, thus making this wine one of the perfect accompaniment for turkey meals.

We would personally recommend Beringer Classic Zinfandel as the Zinfandel bottle that should go with your meal.

Pinot Noir

Source: Aldi

Now this here is the real deal. Pinot Noir has been well known by many in the West to go well with turkey. Generally a common companion to poultry dishes, Pinot Noir introduces its drinker to a whole new world of vibrant floral and acidic flavors that give improves your palate with a refined sensation in your mouth. If you’re familiar with the persistent feeling of tannin that lingers in your mouth when you take tea (English or Chinese) during your meals, this red wine leaves a softer trace after you drink it. Trust us, this is one ruby beauty you wouldn’t want to leave behind in your dining experience with turkey.

There are two wines we recommend from our selections; the Trivento Reserve Pinot Noir OR the Penfolds Bin 23 Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir.


Source: WineFolly

A well-known name among white wine connoisseurs and lovers, Chardonnay brings enchantment to your turkey meals, especially with its traditional supplements. The rich oak tones and clean tropical fruity tastes serve to entice one’s appetite even further during meals. Chardonnay is strongly suggested to go well with roasts, adding a little bit of acidic sweetness on the side if your roast is a little bit too dry.

Two wines come to mind for recommendation; the Santa Ana Homage Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio OR the Penfolds Rawson’s Retreat Private Release Chardonnay.

Now that we’re at the end of this guide, you may click on the names of the wines above to check them out! Hurry and get them while stocks last. Christmas could have never been classier. We wish you a very Merry Christmas folks!

Source: Natalia NZ