It has been 3 years since Boozeat is here to help you in providing selection of authentic booze with the best price, and it’s glad to have you by our side watching the growth we’ve achieved for the past year. We sincerely wish to have you always in 2018 and beyond.

“Great Experiences with Boozeat, top quality, wide variety of choices. Highly recommended, honest merchant! No regret!” – Chew Jason

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In Boozeat, we believe that customers deserve convenience, best product quality, authenticity, and best price offered. We always want to make sure that you satisfied with our services, though sometimes life has its ups and downs… But we managed in putting a smile back on our customers’ face! ;) 

“I am really impressed by the way Boozeat solve a situation and listen to every customers. It’s important to have a good customer service team. As human we’re all make mistakes but not everyone have the courage to face and solve it. And you did it!” – Kirsten Wong 

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As we dig into 2017 memories and see what we’ve achieved and overcome, all in all, we just want to say thank you for all the feedbacks, we appreciate your taking time out of the busy schedule to let us know what you think and what we should improve.

“I really appreciate the way a matter has been handled with a prompt reply and the fair compensation. I will definitely continue to support Boozeat for my alcohol fix and commend the team for making Boozeat such a quirky and enjoyable site to visit.” – Keegan

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Last but not least, may the spirits of the season of New Year fill your heart, serenity, and peace. Make every moment worth remembering so that when you grow old and look back you can enjoy it the second time. And by that, we mean every moment is worth the booze!

Let’s welcome 2018 with a bang! Should you have one booze in your hand right now, you may want to look at our storewide promotion. Please continue to support Boozeat, as we want to keep having you forever and always.