If you're wondering what was the world's best-selling single malt scotch whisky of 2016, the folks at thespiritsbusiness.com have published a few numbers in its recent report and named the Glenfiddich brand as the winner of said title. 

The-Glenlivet-range-of-whiskiesGlenfiddich, owned by William Grant & Sons, saw its 2016 volume sales climb 9.5% to 1.21 million cases in fact. In contrast, its rival The Glenlivet owned by Pernod Ricard suffered a 2.83% sales decline, selling just 1.03 million nine-litre cases to place second instead. 

GF_2 Additionally, Glenfiddich's 2016 figures also marked a 5.24% growth from its 2015 figures. "We are delighted with the current performance of Glenfiddich, and rather than focus on the best-selling single malt, we are committed to leading the category through innovation and creativity," said its global brand director Enda O'Sullivan. Officers-Choice 

Besides that, the thespiritsbusiness.com report also named the Allied Blenders & Distillers-owned Officer's Choice whisky as the world's best-selling whisky brand again. The Indian brand sold 32.85 million cases in 2016 to retain this title that it first won in 2013. JohnnieWalker 

The Diageo-owned Johnnie Walker marque is still the world's largest scotch whisky brand with 17.4 million nine-litre case sales in 2016. However, this figure sees it fall back by 1.14% where it sold 200,000 cases less over the year.

 [caption id="attachment_16058" align="aligncenter" width="800"]image source: Vinepair.com 

image source: Vinepair.com[/caption] 

Additionally, the report also stated that Brown-Forman's Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey brand leads the world whisky contingent. Despite a reportedly slow sales year for the brand, the Tennssee Whiskey brand posted a 2.26% growth in sales by selling 12.49 million cases.