If you're an avid vodka fan, than you might want to get your hands on this limited edition Absolut Mix bottle now before it runs out. Best of all, we'll offer it at just RM165 NETT for a limited time only while stock lasts!

Launched sometime in the middle of last year, the Absolut Mix special bottle sees the Swedish vodka distillers continue celebrating diversity and acceptance, especially towards the LGBT community. 


That easily explains the LGBT Flag-inspired coloured triangles motif that the bottle comes dressed in. Furthermore, the design also pays homage to Absolut's previous Absolut Colors edition bottles from 2008 and 2015.

Don't let the 'Mix' bit in its name fool you though as the Swedish distiller's renowned original recipe of winter wheat vodka rests inside each of the special and colourful limited edition bottles. 

Mixr - Desktop_Original  

Besides its appearance, the Absolut Mix special edition also gets paired with dedicated webpage featuring special cocktail recipes, exclusive videos and Spotify playlists amongst others. Simply visit Absolut.com/mixr to access these.


As mentioned at the start, we'll be offering the colourful Absolut Mix celebration special at just RM165 NETT per bottle instead of the usual retail price of RM191. Click here to order and have it delivered with us now! 

(*Offer valid for a limited time only while stock lasts)