Sometimes wine is just necessary.

Yes it is. Wine not? Wine a bit and you’ll feel better. However, to what extent do you know the bottle of wine that you drink?

Can you taste the difference between a $15 wine and a $150 wine?

For the first-timer, maybe you can’t. But the experience and knowledge itself will make you appreciate the wineries of why they charge more for their wines. Unlike liquor that has so many counterfeit bottles, the price differences on wine is just an objective experience. It makes us understand the production process itself. We all know that white wines are generally not allowed to age all that long, unlike red wines – which is why it’s hell more expensive.

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What factors make it expensive, actually?

The price of a bottle of wine mainly reflects several things; the first one is the cost of production which means that the higher production costs, the higher price it will be on the market. This is of course, includes the packaging; type of foil, bottle color, bottle appearance and the label itself. See the picture below, even in a blink of eyes, you can easily spot the differences of affordable and expensive packaging, right?

Source: Winefolly

Secondly, the raw materials of grape that may vary – from a high-yielding grape from an unknown vineyard fermented in a stainless steel to a marquee vineyard fermented in brand-new oak barrels by a highly sought-after winemaking consultant. The location where the grapes are grown also matter. Wine produced in well-developed wine nations, as might be expected, are far more pricey than wine produced in developing nations.

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Last but not least is the time. “The older, the better,” they say. Wineries usually putting their wines in an oak barrel to do two things; add oak flavors to a wine and expose the wine to oxygen. For the wine connoisseurs, this is quite essential as they understand that time adds to certain wines make them taste better since it changes the taste of the fruit flavors and reduces the acidity and tannin, which makes it smoother. To this point, as it takes up space and time, it somehow becomes a luxurious and high-quality wine with fancy price. Wine released after 1.5 years aging is less costly than those which released after 6 years of aging, of course.

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Despite the difference on selling price, we all know wine has power to transport us in an instant, and we believe that you cannot resist to raise a glass of any wine.

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