Danish brewing giant Carlsberg Group has embarked on its new sustainability program called 'Together Towards Zero'. At the core of this initiative is the firm's pledge towards eliminating carbon emissions and halving water usage at its breweries by the year 2030. 

On top of that, the group's new sustainability roadmap includes plans to power its breweries using renewable energy exclusively by the year 2022, to reduce 'beer-in-hand emissions' by 30% by 2030. 

According to Carlsberg, it defines 'beer-in-hand emissions' as hose that relate to the 'full life-cycle carbon footprint of a product,' for example agricultural production, transport logistics and retail refrigeration. 

[caption id="attachment_16657" align="aligncenter" width="428"]image source: Carlsberg Malaysia 

image source: Carlsberg Malaysia[/caption]

In its aim to conserve water, Carlsberg says that it's working with the WWF at identifying breweries located in areas with high-risk water scarcity and improve the water management at these sites. 

Environmental goals aside, the Carlsberg Group's 'Together Towards Zero' initiative is also targeting 100% distribution of its alcohol-free beer by 2022 and gradual reduction in the employee accident rate on an annual basis. 

Devised with the guidance of global experts, Carlsberg's 'Together Towards Zero' will deliver emission reductions beyond the base level targets set out in the Paris Agreement on climate change if successful. 

You can keep track of the Carlsberg Group 'Together Towards Zero' initiative's progress on social media using its dedicated #TowardsZERO hashtag.