Ah Christmas, the season of giving and receiving. But must it be that droll? What could be merrier if it isn’t the presence of alcohol to spice this month up? Last Friday (15th December 2017), a festive party was thrown by Boozeat to celebrate the winners of the Xmas themed contest involving the purchase of RM50s worth of Carlsberg Malaysia products. As the core of every good party lies in the people who are attend to celebrate, the winners were each allowed to invite four other people along with them. Missed the party? Don’t worry, we’ve covered the highlights of the event just for you!

The Xmas party was held at Tap It Out (Solaris Mont Kiara) where friends and family got together to celebrate the spirit of Xmas. Guests got to experience using the innovative Beer ATMs at Tap It Out using the free prepaid cards provided during the event. As some of you may already know, Tap It Out is the first Malaysian bar that introduces the ‘cashless’ concept of purchasing one’s drinks through the utilization of prepaid cards alongside its innovative Beer ATMs. Just load the card with money and tap it at the dispenser. How cool is that?

The guests were provided with prepaid cards worth RM110 to spend throughout the night as well as festive food such as turkeys and other platters. We played some games with the guests; games of chance where those who scanned their QR codes on the TV screen the fastest won shots of tequila on the house and games of endurance where guests had to test their might by competing with others on who is able to hold their beer (in abnormally large glasses) the longest without getting exhausted. The last one standing was able to win RM50s worth of credits toward their prepaid card.

At the end of the day, all had their share of fun that night through humorous bouts and a jovial time of camaraderie at the Carlsberg Xmas party.

Image Source: Boozeat

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