We're definitely excited for the release of the upcoming Kingsman sequel movie that's hitting theatres this year. Adding to that is the fact that this follow-up to the suave, sophisticated and thrilling 2014 spy romp titled Kingsman:The Golden Circle has ramped up its pre-release marketing efforts significantly in recent weeks.

Perhaps the coolest of which came early last week when the film franchise announced its collaboration with the Old Forester bourbon brand. If you've never heard of it, Old Forester is part of the massive Brown-Forman Corporation that also owns the famed Jack Danielду»s Tennessee Whiskey marque amongst others. 

Old Forester Statesman

The tie-in sees the Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey brand debut a special selection batch of its "Statesman" premium bourbon in the film. Besides its 95-proof (US) alcohol rating, this special edition bourbon boasts bold flashes of pepper and cinnamon bark, as well as an intense spice and eucalyptus finish that fades into an orange cream and caramel colour. 


Surely, any bourbon and whiskey fan would know all that sounds fit for a Kingsman indeed. After all, what is a super spy without a prized booze to indulge in after a day's worth of ass-kicking, right? 

The new Old Forester Statesman hits retail spaces starting August this year ahead of the Kingsman:The Golden Circle flick's scheduled global release in September. 


Sadly, we don't seem to have any Old Forester in our inventory at present, but you can still indulge in its arguably more famous sister brand Jack Daniel's in the meantime instead. Click here to order some good "old no. 7" and have it delivered to you today!