As we've said before, Vodka is perhaps one of the most versatile liquors around given the hundreds - if not thousands! - of cocktail recipes based on it that's abound. We're not wrong in saying that there's a vodka cocktail for just about anyone. 

Having covered the 6 basic essentials previously, we decided to list down 6 more Vodka cocktails for you to know and perhaps try over this weekend. 

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White Russian 

We'll start off with this slightly lesser known but still somewhat universal vodka cocktail mix thanks two its simplicity as a three-ingredient brew. Ideally, you'll need is 30ml of Vodka, 22ml of coffee liquer or Bailey's Original Irish Cream, and 60ml of fresh cream. 

Simply pour the coffee liqueur and vodka into an ice-filled glass before floating the fresh cream on top, then stir it slowly. For this mix, Boozeat recommends using any classic vodka such as Smirnoff

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Black Russian 

Essentially similar to the White Russian, but it makes do without the cream, resulting the perfect bittersweet after-dinner finisher. The ideal mix of Vodka to coffee liqueur here is roughly 1.5:1. 

Again, it's as simple as pouring the mix into an ice-filled glass and giving it a gentle stir after. For the perfect nightcap, Boozeat recommends using a slightly stiffer offering such as Grey Goose Vodka

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Dirty Martini 

Should the regular Vodka Martini be a little too 'meh' for you, then you ought to make it 'dirty' with some olive brine muddled into it. The ideal mix of vodka, dry vermouth and olive brine here is 3:1:1.5. Also, don't forget to garnish with a nice long stick of olives and a lemon peel slice. 

Not only perfect for anyone who loves olives, this vodka cocktail makes for an excellent starter to the night, especially after a hearty meal. While any clear vodka will suffice, there's also no harm in trying this out using flavoured vodka like the FLIRT Cool Mint for instance. 

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Lemon Drop Martini 

Here's another twist to the classic Vodka Martini base, and the perfect example of showing how vodka is the perfect spirit for creating sweet martinis. All you need here besides vodka is fresh lemon juice and some syrup. 

Top Tip: The key to making the perfect Lemon Drop Martini is to find that balance between the sweet and sour taste. The mix ratio is entirely up to you so as long as you use any decent clear vodka such as Smirnoff or Ketel One Vodka as the base. 

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New Year's Eve Sparkler 

If you love fruits, bubbly champagne and vodka, then this festive vodka cocktail is the one to have. The ideal mix of berry-flavoured vodka, pomegranate juice and champagne here is 1:1.5:3.5. 

You're going to need a tall glass for this, but the result is one epic fruity and bubbly libation that's perfect for any celebration besides New Years. For this, we reckon the Skyy Infusion Raspberry Vodka and Moët &  Chandon Brut Impérial Rosé Love  should serve as ideal bases for this mix. 

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Based off the classic Screwdriver, this mix combined two fruit juices with vodka to make one vodka cocktail mix that we feel is rather underrated by many. The third member threesome after vodka and orange juice is cranberry juice. 

Not only a very easy-to-drink mix, it's also versatile as you could add a third fruit or flavour by using any flavoured vodka of your choice. We reckon the Absolut Apeach from the Absolut Flavour range would go well with the orange and cranberry juices.