Do you know what time it is? It's our nation time: Merdeka Day - time to celebrate!! 

If you don't know what to do on this day yet, here are something you should put on your check list and give it a try. I mean, it's a day to have fun right? You just can't let time fly and stay on bed all day. 

1. Join the Merdeka Parade 

Be a proudly Malaysian by attending the biggest parade, come with your friends or family to feel the bustling atmosphere of the event. It's happen only one time of the year so catch the chance. 

Or if you are too lazy or live far away, turn on the TV to the maximum tune and enjoy those colorful performances can also a way to both satisfy your laziness and your 'don't want to miss the fun' spirit. 

Merdeka Day Parade 

2. Play Dress Up 

Malaysia is a nation where different races, cultures, traditions united. One fun way of embracing each others culture is to dress the traditional dress of other local races. Trust me, it gonna be a night to remember. 


3. Hand Malaysian Flag around the house 

Show everyone else that you are proud of being a Malaysian. Simple but effective way to express the love with your nation. 


4. Have a Merdeka themed movie night 

A little flashback to the past. Rediscover the movies of the old time made by and starring Malaysian. To add even more fun, get dressed up reflecting the period of the movie. How cool is that! 


5. Throw a party 

What better than throwing a party to celebrate Merdeka day? When was the last time you hold a party? Invite your friends, family and have some fun. With delicious food and some booze, everything will be perfect.


These are something you can do on Merdeka day, if you have awesome ideas, share with us, the more the merrier. 

Have a great holiday!