A complimenting glass of wine with every meal can give a sense of completeness to it. Wine is a versatile drink rich in antioxidant, that needs delicate care while pairing with food. Pairing it with flavors that embrace the depth of it as well as contrast it mildly will help you enjoy the best experience with it.  Healthy food choices and a glass of wine could just be the magic that you have been looking for all along. But how to make this magic happen? Well, keep reading to find out 5 ways for good wine and food combination.

Poles apart fit in better

Instead of similar flavours pair food that has a contrasting or complementing taste to that of your wine. Your wine and food should bring out the content in each other rather than making it uncomfortable to eat. Pair less alcoholic wines with hot and spicy food. The alcohol will otherwise enhance the spice and make the experience extremely uncomfortable. Look for acidic wines for fatty foods like red meats whereas cheese lovers should shelf dry rose to enjoy a nice meal. Rose wines are the best choices for salty flavor as it will dial down the other flavors and compliment it such as in the case of noodles where a glass of champagne or Spanish cava could be great.

Taste your wine first

You cannot find the right wine and food pairing unless you know each of them individually. Do a wine tasting with a small glass. Take your time and let the wine rest in your mouth long enough for you to enjoy the faintest of details. Now try it with your food to understand if these flavors are still there or if the taste seems better.

Watch your ingredients

Sometimes it is not the main ingredient but the ingredients in the sauce that might cause a clash of flavors. If you have a very tangy sauce that requires you to enjoy the flavor then do not pick out very sweet wine that might not mix up well. For instance, if you are looking to pair sweet dishes then always look for mild wines with little flavor as this will help you experience your dish better. For example, fruit tarts go extremely well with almond champagne.

Start small

The best place to start is with basics. Look to pair basic dishes with mild flavors with the right wine instead of taking a big leap all at once. This will help yosparkling wineu get a hint of what type of flavors go well with each other in general for red, white, sparkling wine etc, Narrowing down to one exact bottle can happen with time instead of trying to have it all done immediately.

Simplicity is the key

Do not look for complicated food pairings where your dish already has a multitude of flavors and you are looking for a wine to go with them all. Also, begin with an open mind and experiment rather than simply accepting. You can start by pairing with red wine and may be reach a sangria recipe with your food eventually but taking the time to reach there is important.

It is always recommended to start with your food and find the wine that fits rather than the other way around. This is among the few things to avoid if you love wine and would like to pair it well with your food.  With little curiosity and an open mind, finding the right wine and food pairing could be one exciting experiment for you.

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