8 Historical Fun Facts worldwide about wine!

In Egypt, wine was considered a drink for the gods; this saintly drink wasn’t just made with grapes in Egypt, but also with dates, pomegranates, leads and other fruits. Here are 8 fun historical facts about the best godly drink in the world !


1) EGYPT : When Tutankhamen’s tomb was opened there were jars of wine buried with him that were labeled with the name of the Estate, location, type of wine, date of vintage, name , comment of it’s quality.


2) GREECE : You know those age restriction laws for alcohol guess who invented that ?! Blame Plato. He stated that the minimum drinking age should be 18.


3) FRANCE : the word ‘champagne’ is named after a province in France, the English translation is ‘open country’.


4) SPAIN : During the Roman rule in Spain, a wine called the ‘Saguntum’ was known especially for being good to get your mistress drunk. After the Roman rule, Queen Elizabeth I defeated the Spanish Armada causing them a lot of debt therefore making them very dependant on the money made from Spanish wine exports to USA.


5) ITALY : ancient Romans thought seasoning was more important than the principal palate of wine and often added ingredients the wine e.g fish sauce, garlic, absinthe & other flavours.


6) AMERICA : The earliest wine produced in America were made by French settlers. Guess the French and the Americans have more in common than just the Statue of Liberty. LOL!

Descendants of the original Americans and the early French settlers meet at the White House as callers on their president, 1929

7) JAPAN : The first documented consumption of wine in Japan was in the 16th century, due to the arrival of Jesuit missionaries from Portugal. They called Portuguese wine Chintashu. For a long period of time they hated the taste of wine therefore they made it sweeter with e.g honey.


8) AUSTRALIA : Some of the first Australian wine connoisseurs found it difficult to produce wine due to the Australian climate. Wine from the Adelaide Hills was sent to Queen Victoria in 1844.


Remember – Keep loving history cause that is what brought us to this day & age. Without it I think we’d still be putting fish oil or garlic into our wines. Thank goodness for evolution!


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