6 Useful hangover cures Malaysian style!

Hey BOOZEATers ! – Our last post was about drinking like a Russian but how about the Malaysian drinking culture ? If you’re a true BOOZEATer like us you might have woken up one morning with a hangover at one point in your life ; we want to address that and give you guys some great hangover tips / foods that will help you get to work fresh & energetic the next morning after a wild night out Malaysian style!

1) A good cup of morning coffee – drink your coffee slowly. This is a great cheap , DIY drink that you could make at home with the instant coffee sold at the supermarkets. Caution : this may only work for some people as caffeine increases blood pressure which might make the hangover worse. Dependant on individuals & the speed in which you’re drinking the coffee.


2) Tea – Teh Tarik at the ‘mamak’ or any type of tea which clams nausea. Ginger tea is good as well.


3) Nasi lemak or cereal ? – Myth is that eggs in the ‘nasi lemak’ or eggs in general helps rejuvenate your body due to the amino acids found . Even though many people do this a lot of reaserchers recommend that light foods after a hangover is the best e.g cereal .

nasi lemak

4) Fruit juice / vitamins – This is good for detoxification, rejuvenation as well as getting those extra vitamins to start your day to help you concentrate & boost your energy levels throughout the day. Coconut water can also be refreshing & hydrating.


5) Water – Water helps wash out anything in your body so that’s good to help your liver get rid of the alcohol & detoxify.


6) Exercise – I know this might be the last thing you would want to do the next morning after a long night out but you tend to refresh yourself by sweating it all out ! Plus it’s great for a healthy lifestyle . If you do wanna take a break from exercise then just sleep in a little more.


We know that it may be a hassle – but the good news is that if you don’t have to get up bright and early the next day the best cure for a hangover is a good nights sleep & a few extra hours to sleep off the headaches & nausea. If you can’t go back to sleep all you’ve got to do is grab some milk to help you rest and head back to bed.

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