Haig Club 700ml with Personalized Engraving

Single Grain Whisky Scotland
RM 350 RM 269.00

A Shucking Good Time @ Mr. Wolf @ PJ – 23 July 2016

Secret Menu
RM 89–RM278 RM 59.00 - RM148.00

Party for 8-13: 120pcs of 4′ U.S Live Oysters + 6 Wine + Personal Shucker

RM 1,979 RM 1,190.00

Beluga Noble Vodka Celebration Limited Edition

RM 300 RM 265.00


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The Oyster Kiss & Tell – “Eating oyster is like kissing the sea on the lips”

U.S Pacific Northwest Ocean Oysters exclusively by BOOZEAT.com Understand oceans Oysters’ flavors resemble the waters they live in. Atlantic dwellers are pure and sharply salty, while Pacific Northwest livers are sweeter and more kelpie. Knowing the ocean you want to taste is the first step to choose your favorite oysters.

Boozeat Picks: 3 simple food and wine pairing principles to live by

Pairing food and wine may seem like a complex affair, but the truth is, you really don’t need to be an expert to come up with killer wine and food pairings.

Things you need to know about Japanese whisky

Over the recent years, Japanese whiskies have become exceedingly popular. It’s popularity culminated in 2014, when Suntory’s Yamazaki Sherry Cask 2013 took the ‘best in the world’ title in Jim Murray’s 2015 whisky bible. While the Scots may have been mortified, this wasn’t the biggest surprise, as the Japanese have been quietly perfecting their craft over the years.

How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew?

We’ve all found ourselves in this unfortunate situation at least once – thirsty for wine but helpless without a corkscrew. We know the frustration and desperation that comes with it all too well. That’s why we’ve decided to compile some of our favourite alternative ways of opening a wine bottle. If you ever lose your corkscrew, these methods might just help you out!

A Shucking Good Time @ Bandits Coffee Bar

The very first instalment of “A Shucking Good Time” went down over the weekend and we couldn’t be happier! Brought to you exclusively by Boozeat, the oyster and wine party saw plenty of laughter and beautiful people enjoying each other’s company. A huge thanks to all you Boozeaters who made it possible!



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