Hello Kitty Cava

RM240 RM195.00
jonnie walker 5 gods whiskey

Jonnie Walker Blue Label 5 gods

Blended Malt WhiskyScotland
RM7,800 RM6,240.00
carft beer

Craft Beer Party Package (24btls)

RM596 RM542.00
shucking gory time

A Shucking Gory Time @ The BBP, The Club, BU 29 October

Secret Menu
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4 Ideas of alcoholic sweet treat

What do you do when you have a bottle of wine/ beer? Just gonna booze it all? That’s what people usually do, but ... how about experiencing something new? Check out few ideas that are gonna surprise you this Malaysia Day! 1. Jack Daniels Honey Cupcakes Some booze in your favorite cupcakes. Booze-cake, even better when frosted. Sounds good enough? Even better when your over-pr

5 ways to celebrate Merdeka day

Do you know what time it is? It’s our nation time: Merdeka Day - time to celebrate!! If you don’t know what to do on this day yet, here are something you should put on your check list and give it a try. I mean, it’s a day to have fun right? You just can’t let time fly and stay on bed all day. 1. Join the Merdeka Parade Be a proudly Malaysian by attending the biggest par

Beluga Vodka Celebration Limited Edition vs. Snow Leopard Vodka - 419 or Forever?

Got trapped in lifelong commitments? Feel tired even when your wife treats you like her king? Attracted to thrilling one-night-stands for refreshment? But so scared of unpredictable damages? Life treats you so well…But fleeting glorious moments are just irresistible …  Yo... You are not alone!!! Staying faithful but spirited… Not that difficult! Keep your commitment

The Oyster Kiss & Tell – “Eating oyster is like kissing the sea on the lips”

U.S Pacific Northwest Ocean Oysters exclusively by   Understand oceans Oysters’ flavors resemble the waters they live in. Atlantic dwellers are pure and sharply salty, while Pacific Northwest livers are sweeter and more kelpie. Knowing the ocean you want to taste is the first step to choose your favorite oysters.       Oyster’s flavor is inf

Boozeat Picks: 3 simple food and wine pairing principles to live by

Pairing food and wine may seem like a complex affair, but the truth is, you really don’t need to be an expert to come up with killer wine and food pairings. Here at Boozeat, we’re huge fans of matching food and wine (check out some of our favourites here and here). So we’ve put together 3 simple principles of wine and food pairing for you to experiment with, along with s


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